Upcoming Channel Changes

This message is directed at those viewers who are currently watching our digital channels in Smithers, or those who may be unaware of the existence of these channels.

This week we are changing all of our digital channels to full High Definition signals.     This will give higher resolution, sharper pictures and colour.

However, some older flat screen tvs may not be able to handle the improved signals.     If you currently cannot view Channels 203 (Family Channel) or Channel 202 (Discovery);  you have one of these tvs.       The best solution is to purchase a new flat screen TV;  this will protect you from any future changes to our TV signals.     Flat screen TVs have never been cheaper and are really a better option than the purchase of a digital convertor box.

To be sure whether your TV has this problem;  there is one step you can take before buying a new flat screen TV.       Do a channel scan on your TV and see if this brings back Channels 202 & 203.

If you have any questions, please read some of our other posts or contact us.    We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

PS.   Viewers in the Houston area can look forward to finally  being able to receive these same channels in the spring !

2019 Annual General Meeting

2019 Annual General Meeting

September 12th, 2019 – Thursday

The Old Church – King & First – Smithers

7:30 PM

Everyone is welcome to our Annual General Meeting – refreshments will be served.      If you want to learn how to receive our FREE LOCAL TV signals – information will be provided at the meeting or you can email or phone us.

Where is CBC RADIO 2 – 88.1 ??

The transmitter for CBC Radio 2 (88.1 – Stereo ) in the Smithers area is currently down for repairs, since mid December 2018.        We are currently waiting for repairs to be completed.     I do not have a firm date for this, but we hope to have it back on the air by the end of January.     Please be patient,   I know many people miss their morning dose of classical music (   Radio 2 is the first station I turn on each morning – so I feel your pain.)

2018 Annual General Meeting

The 2018 AGM will be held in Smithers this year.

Thursday –  September 20th – 2018

Old Church

Corner of First Avenue and King St.

Everyone is welcome, refreshments served.

If you have any interest in the Future of  Free

TV in this area;   please attend our AGM ( no prior membership

required. )

For more information you can call Richard at 250-847-2838



The RETURN of Channel 11 Topley

As viewers in Topley are aware,    Channel 11- CTV has been off the air for some months.     However,  we are returning Channel 11 to full operation as of Monday- September  17th   ( Snow permitting of course !).

We have been finally able to afford to purchase the new power amplifier required for the transmitter.      Since the required parts cost nearly $1000, we had to wait for our annual grant for 2018 from the Regional District of Bulkley Nechako.      This was not received until nearly the end of August.

2018 Revised Constitution and Bylaws

We have recently revised and adopted a new constitution and bylaws to bring the Society in conformity with the new BC Society Act.

The new constitution can be read here:  HSRS Constitution 2018

The new Bylaws can be read here:  HSRS Bylaws 2018

We are currently experiencing difficulties with our Channel 18 transmitter in Houston.    This is due to transmitter damage resulting  from the unprecedented icing problems on our transmit antennas on the CBC Tower on Mt. Harry Davis.

This winter has been the worst year  in our history, for icing problems on our transmit antennas.

Unfortunately it will be a at least a week before we can make repairs.    The forthcoming warmer weather expected may help remove the ice ( as long as we don’t get more freezing rain on the mountain).

We apologize to our viewers for these problems and promise to get them fixed as soon as possible.


This week we began a soft launch for our HD digital channels being broadcast from our Hudson Bay site on Channel 20.      We have launched  The Knowledge Network and The Discovery Channel in HD.   For the next week or so, there may be brief interruptions in the signal while we try to tweek the transmitter settings for optimum performance.

Once this is done, we will launch The Family Channel and CBC Vancouver in HD.

Please be patient, the wait will be worth it !

There was a power outage on Hudson Bay Mountain at 10 AM – Nov. 18, 2017.

This is the reason all of our signals are off the air from Hudson Bay Mountain.

This includes: Channel 10, our digital channels, and CBC Radio 2.

Power will not be restored until sometime Sunday- Nov. 19th, at the earliest.

On a brighter note, we have installed a new satellite dish on Hudson Bay.

This should allow us to bring back the HD digital channels, in the next few weeks.

2017 Annual General Meeting

Once again, it is time for our Annual General Meeting.     As usual our meeting will be held in The Old Church ( corner of King St. and First Ave. ) in Smithers at  7:30 PM – August 17th.

Items we will be discussing this year:

The new digital channels that we added to our Hudson Bay site in Smithers.

The possibility of adding new digital channels to our Houston site.

Adoption of new constitution and bylaws to conform to the new Societies Act.

Upcoming changes to all of our remaining analog TV signals.

Efforts to raise additional funds.


New Constitution and Bylaws

The new Societies Act requires that all existing societies change their constitution and Bylaws to conform with the new act by 2018.

Rather than modify the existing constitution and bylaws, most societies are adopting the new model constitution and bylaws included with the new act ( with any necessary modifications for local circumstances ).

This is the path I am suggesting that we follow.      I am including links to a number of documents relating to this transition.      They can be read online or downloaded as a pdf file.

The first document is our new Constitution – HSRS constitution 2017

The second document is the new Bylaws –  Model_Bylaws

This next document covers the changes and what impact these changes will have on existing Societes.      new_societies_act_-_impact_on_pre-existing_societies

Finally, for those who want all of the details of the new Regulations under the New Societies Act.     Societies_Regulation 

To download any  of these documents, simply right click on the link and choose           ” save link as ”        in the menu that pops up.

If you have any questions about these changes,  feel free to contact me by phone: 250-847-2838 or email: arharris@tvsmithers.com


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