This message is directed at those viewers who are currently watching our digital channels in Smithers, or those who may be unaware of the existence of these channels.

This week we are changing all of our digital channels to full High Definition signals.     This will give higher resolution, sharper pictures and colour.

However, some older flat screen tvs may not be able to handle the improved signals.     If you currently cannot view Channels 203 (Family Channel) or Channel 202 (Discovery);  you have one of these tvs.       The best solution is to purchase a new flat screen TV;  this will protect you from any future changes to our TV signals.     Flat screen TVs have never been cheaper and are really a better option than the purchase of a digital convertor box.

To be sure whether your TV has this problem;  there is one step you can take before buying a new flat screen TV.       Do a channel scan on your TV and see if this brings back Channels 202 & 203.

If you have any questions, please read some of our other posts or contact us.    We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

PS.   Viewers in the Houston area can look forward to finally  being able to receive these same channels in the spring !