Good news.     We are finally switching Knowledge Network – Channel 18 to Digital.     This will allow us to add 3 additional channels and provide High Definition TV .     The additional channels are: CBC Vancouver, Family Channel and Discovery Channel .     These are the same channels currently being broadcast in the Smithers Area.

The change is expected to happen in the next few weeks.     New equipment needs to be installed and tested.

In order to receive our new digital channels;   you will need either a flat screen TV ( less than 10 years old ) or a digital adaptor box.      If  you are still using an old CRT (Tube) type TV,   the most economical choice is to purchase a Flat Screen TV.     Flat screen tvs continue to decrease in cost and increase in size.

If you have a Flat Screen TV, you will need to  do a new channel scan in order to receive our digital channels.     You will know we have gone digital when all you see on Channel 18 is snow.     We will also post a message on Channel 8.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email or telephone.