CBC Television and Digital Channels

Goodbye – Hello CBC Television


The Houston Smithers Rebroadcast Society has received many emails and phone calls from irate viewers about the loss of CBC TV programming in our area.
Since I also regularly watch a number of CBC TV programs, I can sympathize with these viewers.

CBC has shut down their remaining analog TV transmitters in this area ( in accordance with a policy they adopted in 2012).
Channel 5 in Smithers remains on the air only because the transmitter was purchased by Bell Media.
Prior to the loss of CBC, the Rebroadcast Society was in the process of switching Channel 20 ( currently The Knowledge Network ) on Hudson Bay Mountain to a Digital signal, as this would allow us to add an additional 3 channels for your viewing pleasure.
We are now adding CBC-Vancouver as one of these channels.
The other channels will be Family Channel, the Discovery Channel and The Knowledge Network.
We are planning on doing a test transmission of the new digital channel next week.
If all goes well, later this month, the new channels will be available full time.

To receive our new digital signal, viewers will need either a flat screen TV or a Digital Converter Box ( available at either Glacier View Satellite or The Source in Smithers or possibly Totem Audio/Video – also online).
You will not need a new antenna, as long as you can currently receive a good signal from Channel20 -Knowledge Network.

I realize this will not help all of the viewers in  our coverage area, but we do not currently have the funds necessary to do all 4 of our rebroadcast sites at the same time.
Our original plan was to convert Smithers first and then the site in Houston, in about a year.
However, if we were to be successful in finding a source of funding through a grant, we would be able to do this sooner.

If anyone would like more information about our new digital channels, they can email me at arharris@tvsmithers.com or phone: 250-847-2838.    I can also help you determine if you will be able to receive our new digital channel.      It is possible many people east of Smithers may be able to receive Channel 20 with a good outside TV antenna ( depending on your terrain of course ).

The website:  www.tvfool.com can also provide you with detailed information on what stations you can receive at your location.   You can also provide me with your location ( as accurate as possible ) and I will provide you with a report on the type of signals you should be able to receive.