How to Get our New Digital Channels

We are now broadcasting a digital channel on Channel 2o in the Smithers – Telkwa area.      There are four stations on channel 20 now – Knowledge Network, Discovery Channel, Family Channel and CBC Vancouver.      However, if you are currently only seeing snow on Channel 20 now, there are a couple of things you may need to do to receive these channels.

If you were receiving a good signal on Channel 20 – Knowledge Network before the transition, then you do not need to do anything to your antenna.       Also, if you have a flat screen TV, good news –  you have all you need to pick up our new digital channels.        You will have to do a Channel Scan ( sometimes called an AutoScan ) on your TV.      This is the same process you did when you first set up the flat screen TV.      Be patient, the scan sometimes takes a few minutes.     Once the scan is complete you will be able to tune in our new digital channels in the same way you have always changed channels  ( the channels will be numbered from 20-201  to 20-204 )

If you are still using an older CRT  type TV,  you will need to purchase a Digital Convertor Box from Glacier View Satellite in Smithers or online.     The box will come with all the instructions you need to set it up.    However, you may need to buy a cable depending on how you will be connecting it to your television set.     The best picture is obtained using audio/video cables if possible.

If you have trouble following my instructions or have more questions,  please feel free to contact me by phone or email.