TV Rebroadcasting Survey


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Click here to see the results of  the TV Survey.

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on       Sept.    24th 2013.   Click here for more info.

The Regional District is currently conducting an online survey ( also available in printed form ) on the future of TV and Radio  Rebroadcasting in our area.    Click here to complete this very important Survey.     Please make sure that you complete this survey. This will ensure your voice is heard and let the Regional District know that you want to be able to keep watching Free Over-the -air television.   The alternative is to be forced to pay the high prices of either Cable TV or Satellite TV.

For a complete list of currently available TV channels  Click Here.

We are looking at changing some of our channels to digital so that we can enhance your viewing options by adding additional channels.     Feel free to let us know what channels you would most like to see us add to our lineup.   Most TVs less than 5 years old will  easily be able to receive these channels.      Older TVs will need an adaptor which would be a onetime cost of less than $70.     We will provide all the information you will need, if we do add digital channels.

The average cost of this service is less than $6.00/year for most households.   In fact, because we receive a fixed amount each year, the TV Rebroadcasting function actually costs each household less each year ( because of the increasing number of households in the area ).

If you have any questions or need more information on receiving our signals, feel free to contact us.    More information is also available on this site ( check the links on the right hand sidebar ).






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