Where are my free TV channels going ???      You have probably seen all those  FOREBODING ADS lately, warning that Free Analog TV is going to disappear from Canadian TV screens and that you need to subscribe to cable or satellite TV  !!!!!!!    RELAX !    Nothing could be further from the truth !     The channels you have been watching for many years will continue to be there for you to enjoy for many years to come.

The only areas being forced to change to Digital are major metropolitan areas.   A number of broadcasters in other areas are voluntarily switching to take advantage of some of the technological benefits. ie.  more channels and or HDTV.

All of the TV channels being broadcast in the Topley-Houston-Smithers area will remain unchanged and available for FREE to everyone in this area.

You can learn more about Digital TV and local  TV and radio channels by checking the links on the right.

Also,  you can read a FAQ on Digital TV provided by the CRTC.

You are also welcome to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Houston-Smithers Rebroadcasting Society,  if you have more questions.   We will be discussing this issue at the meeting.

2011  AGM  –  Thursday – August 11th – 7:30 PM  –  Old Church – First & King  -Smithers