2013 Annual General Meeting

We have received the results of the TV viewer Survey conducted by the Regional District.    First of all, I would like to thank all of our viewers who took the time to complete this survey.    This was very important to the continuation of this service and its funding by the Regional District of Bulkley Nechako.

An overwhelming majority ( 89 per cent )  indicated that they wanted to continue supporting the Rebroadcasting Society.    This indicates that a large number of people still value free Over-The-Air TV channels (  tv channels received with an old fashioned TV antenna )  and want to continue to have an alternative to paid TV services.

There is also an appetite for additional channels.    The overwhelming top two choices were The Discovery Channel and the History Channel.    In order to provide additional channels we would be forced to switch at least one channel in each community to a digital format.    No fear, this would NOT be a paid service like cable or satellite !

If we do broadcast a digital channel, it will still be free, but may require different equipment to receive.   If your tv is less than 5 years old, you already have what you need to receive digital channels.    If your tv is  a flat panel type LCD TV, then you are also ready to receive these channels.    If you have an older CRT type TV, then you will need either a convertor box ( about $70 or less ) or a new LCD Tv.

We will  be providing more information over the coming months about the possibility of broadcasting digital channels.     There is also more information on this website about the benefits of going digital.

You can always contact me via the contact form or by phone, if you need more information about any of our services.

Attention – Topley TV Viewers !

This is important news for all Topley TV viewers.    If you watch Channel 6 – Knowledge Network or Channel 11 – Global TV,    please read the rest of this post.

The continued operation of these channels is under review and we need to know how many people are watching these channels.   If there is insufficient interest, it is likely the channels will no longer be available to Topley viewers !

Please fill out the comment form below to let us know you want to keep these channels !

Or you may phone me ( Richard ) at 250-847-2838 and leave a message.      You can also contact me if you have any other questions or comments.

P.S.   If funding permits and there is enough interest we would like to switch to  digital, so that we may provide additional channels.


2012 Annual General Meeting

Houston-Smithers Rebroadcasting Society will be holding its 2012 Annual General Meeting  in August.

2012 AGM

Houston-Smithers Rebroadcasting Society

Monday -August 27th – 2012

7:30 Pm

Old Church – Corner of King St &  First Ave.



Everyone is welcome.   One of the main topics will be the upcoming review, by the Regional District, of the TV rebroadcasting function in the Regional District.    This could determine whether you will be able to receive any free Over-the-Air TV channels in the future.

Another item up for discussion will be the possibility of adding additional channels by going to a digital format.     Only one channel in each area would be digital and all channels would remain free.   The only requirement would be a TV purchased in the last 5 years or the one-time purchase of a decoder.


Annual General Meeting

Houston – Smithers Rebroadcasting Society

Thursday  – August 11th  –  7:30 PM

Old Church – First & King  – Smithers.

Phone: 250-847-2838      email:  arharris@tvsmithers.com

Everyone is welcome !

Come and see what is happening to your

local tv channels.

I was going to write a couple of posts about the different types of TV antennas available, but I have come across  a webage (OTA FAQ ) that should contain all the information you need to help you decide to stay with your current TV antenna or whether you need a new one.

If you find any of the information confusing you can always email me with your questions and I will do my best to answer them.


We  currently broadcast 3 Canadian TV Networks in the Topley -Houston-Telkwa-Smithers area.

These are Global BC, CTV BC,  Knowledge Network.   CBC (CFTK/TV7) is also available.

Most  Knowledge Network channels are on UHF  (  Channels  18, 20, 31 ).

The remainder of the channels are broadcast on VHF.

A list of the transmitter locations is located here.  Local TV Stations

A good tool for finding which direction to point your antenna is located at a website called TVFOOL.

Don’t let the name fool you, this website will provide all the information you need to find the stations you should be able to pick up at your home !  Give it a try.

The push to switch

to Digital TV in Canada has actually been underway for about 4 years; ever since the US began switching to Digital TV.      In the US, the decision to switch to Digital was made for several reasons.

  • To enable broadcasters to broadcast in HDTV
  • To allow broadcasters to broadcast more than one channel at a time
  • To reverse the decline in TV sales
  • To free up broadcast spectrum for other telecommunication services, which could be auctioned off by the US government.   Many stations were forced to switch from VHF channels to UHF channels.
  • The switch would also eliminate snowy TV pictures; like satellite TV, you either get a good signal or you don’t.

Because of  previous US – Canada agreements, Canada was forced to follow the Americans to prevent chaos along the border for TV viewers.     Failure to do so, would likely have resulted in severe interference problems for Canadian stations located in the VHF band and near the US – Canada border.

What TV Channels are available ??

                      Channel                Location                    Station

Smithers              5                Tyhee Mountain         CBC/ TK7

 & Telkwa            10                Hudson Bay Mt.          Global BC

                          13                Tyhee Mountain          CTVBC

                         20                 Hudson Bay Mt.       Knowledge

                           31                 Tyhee Mountain        Knowledge

Houston              2                     Mt. Harry Davis       Off the Air

                                              Mt. Harry Davis        Global BC

                          18                    Mt. Harry Davis        Knowledge

Topley                                    Downtown Topley     Knowledge

                          11                    Downtown Topley     Global BC

We also provide CBC Radio Two on 88.1 in the Smithers-Telkwa area and 104.7 in the Houston area.

Where are my free TV channels going ???      You have probably seen all those  FOREBODING ADS lately, warning that Free Analog TV is going to disappear from Canadian TV screens and that you need to subscribe to cable or satellite TV  !!!!!!!    RELAX !    Nothing could be further from the truth !     The channels you have been watching for many years will continue to be there for you to enjoy for many years to come.

The only areas being forced to change to Digital are major metropolitan areas.   A number of broadcasters in other areas are voluntarily switching to take advantage of some of the technological benefits. ie.  more channels and or HDTV.

All of the TV channels being broadcast in the Topley-Houston-Smithers area will remain unchanged and available for FREE to everyone in this area.

You can learn more about Digital TV and local  TV and radio channels by checking the links on the right.

Also,  you can read a FAQ on Digital TV provided by the CRTC.

You are also welcome to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Houston-Smithers Rebroadcasting Society,  if you have more questions.   We will be discussing this issue at the meeting.

2011  AGM  –  Thursday – August 11th – 7:30 PM  –  Old Church – First & King  -Smithers


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